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What You Need:

A Compatible Device

The service will work with Android and iOS devices. We suggest 4k Firesticks but that is just our preference and the service works equally as well on both operating systems.

Some older generation devices may not perform as well due to older hardware specifications.

Internet & WiFi

Any highspeed Internet service with WiFi will work well with VBS Tv. Your internet provider does not matter.

A Compatible Television

The only requirment of the television you use is that your streaming device (firestick, iOS device) can connect to your television and show on the television.

HDMI inputs are the most common way to connect streaming devices to your TV

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Movies on Demand

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Save money on your monthly TV costs 

Access to programing for the whole family

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Take your streaming device with you (vacation)

Help you eliminate some of your other streaming services 

Average Saving vs Cable


Videos on Demand

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

No, there are no contracts! You pay as you go. Paymemnt can also be made quarterly or annually at a small discount.

Is it complicated to operate?

No, our easy to use app makes it easy to navigate and select channels and features.

What if I have my own device?

This service will work on serveral different types of devices. It works on both Android and iOS platforms. Newer devices tend to have better specification and perform better.

Please contact to support to see if your particular device is compatible.

Is there a lot of buffering?

This service does not have a lot of video buffering.  Please understand that this is video streamed over the Internet and just as you may experience some periodic buffering on YouTube or other popular video sites, it is very minimal.

Buffering is cuased when the streaming information is not recieved fast enough to keep the video running uniterupted. This can be caused by a number of factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Temperary slowing of your Internet services from your ISP
  • Temperary slowing of your home network
  • Your internet connection is too slow to stream a video in real time
  • When multiple devices use the same network, overcrowding can occur as they all compete with each other to connect to the same router. This particularly relavent when connecting many devices via WiFi
How fast does my internet have to be?

This service will work with most “highspeed” internet services. The faster the internet the better performance.

Do I need WiFi?

Yes, this internet based TV services. You will need internet service as well as a wireless connection (WiFi) to connect with your devices.

The one exception is if you have a compatible device that accepts an ethernet (wired) connection. Then you may not require WiFi.

The vast majority of compatible devices will require WiFi for connection to the Internet.

Can I use my existing Amazon accounts?

Yes, you can use your existing Amazon account and take advantage of the associated benefits like Prime movies.

Do I need to use a VPN service with VBStv?

No. This is a legitamate service that does not require that you hide your IP address. 

Having said that, we do, generally encourage using a VPN for your Internet connections, in general,  as it will help eliminate some unwanted ads and overall makes your data more safe when transmitting over the internet. I strongly suggest using VPN on your desktops, laptops and mobile devices especially when connecting to public WiFi 

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“This is the best IPTV service I have used… and i have used several. When they say the service has everything you need..they mean everything. The service is very user-friendly, and the website is just as easy to use. Also, the customer service is as good as the service.”

Bro. the service is great! A++.

Leroy Johnson

A. Stokes