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IPTv is an app that is installed on your Android or iOS streaming device. This app functions like other streaming apps that you may have encountered (Netflix, Hulu,etc.), but it is considered a third-party app because it is not available in the typical app store found on streaming devices. Third-party apps must be downloaded and/or installed on a device.


Android-Based Device 

First, you must be sure that your device is configured to and will allow you to add third-party apps to it. If you are not sure how to do so click below:

Configure FireTv for IPTv

  • For Android-based devices, search the app library for the Download app.
    • If you don't have it installed, click to allow it to install. 
    • If it is already installed, open the Download app
  • In the url section of the app, type in the download link you were supplied with your registration information.
  • Click to go to the url you entered.
    • I will ask if you want to download and install the IPTv app. Click YES.
    • It will also ask if you want to discard the install file after it is installed. Click YES. This is optional but it just frees up a little storage space your device.
  • Once the install is complete, click OPEN to open the app
  • You will be at a login window. Enter your login credentials that you were supplied with in your registration information.
  • Once logged in you can set up profiles or just start exploring all your viewing options.


iOS Device

First, you must be sure that your device is configured. If you are not sure how to do so click below:

Configuring iOS device for IPTv

  • Open Playberry app (our recommendation) or the app you use to access Mu3 playlist.
  • Add M3U URL supplied with your registration information.
  • Enter the playlist name and playlist link you received from your IPTV service provider. After entering the details, tap Add and wait for the app to load all the IPTV channels.

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